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Thomas, Falkland Islands

Thomas, Falkland Islands


Some might call us insane, but we call ourselves wildlife photographers.  There is nothing better in the world than trekking miles into the backcountry carrying an 80-pound pack in order to escape civilization and document animals.  

I am an avid outdoorsman before I am a wildlife photographer.  If a camera did not exist I would still be spending time observing all the interesting animals on the planet.  Even though I am from the South, my favorite season to photograph in is the winter. Camping and snowshoeing deep into the backcountry in temperatures colder than -40F/C sounds like a death wish to some, but to a few it sounds like the experience of a lifetime. 

Every time I photograph wildlife my goal is to provide a unique glimpse into an animals’ world.  I believe my passion for the outdoors and wildlife, that stems all the way back to memories fishing with my dad, gives me the curiosity to spend so much time viewing wildlife in order to capture a special memory that lasts only a fraction of a second.    

As my career progressed, now one of my greatest passions is guiding clients and giving them a glimpse into an animals’ life that they have never witnessed before. Nothing beats seeing one of my clients faces when they finally see an animal that they have had on their bucket list for years, and even in some cases decades.  

My current goals as a wildlife photographer are to keep creating unique interaction photos between animals, share what I have learned with my audience through my newly created wildlife photography podcast (PhotoCast), as well as further studying animal behavior, animal biology, and animal tracking. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime at: Thomas@outbackphotoadventures.com

Instagram at: Outback_Photo_Adventures

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Unprecedented Tours

Outback Photo Adventures trips are unique and unforgettable. Most other photography guiding services visit popular national parks and reserves not knowing what animals they are going to see; Outback Photo Adventures unique industry stance is species focused. When you go on a trip with us to see animals like a Moose, then you are guaranteed to see a Moose.  If you don't we will refund you a total of 100% the tour cost you paid to us. Being species focused helps you, the photographer, because we are able to spend more time with your target animal increasing the likelihood of unique interaction photos, allows for complete exploration of the animal's environment, and allows us to teach you animals behavior.  

Joining Outback Photo Adventures means only visiting locations catered to wildlife photographers.  Our tours have extensive background research devoted to each location to ensure the area has a high concentration of target species, focuses on areas with pleasing backgrounds and foregrounds, and is an area with no time or walking restrictions.  With an extensive location vetting process most of our tours take place in unknown/ lesser known parts of the world. 

Our tours cater to you, the photographer, by maximizing your time in the field.  Tours always take advantage of the golden hours and we make sure you arrive before sunrise and depart after sunset.  To help you catch up on sleep from our long field hours, midday breaks are normally offered.  If you are not tired this time can be utilized for complementary one- on- one or class post processing tutorials covering Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC for wildlife photography.  Unlike most teachers, Outback Photo Adventures will edit one of your photos taken on the trip side by side with you.  Editing one of your photos allows you to see your work transform into a finished work of art as well as develop muscle memory when utilizing Adobe products. 

We are not going to lie to you.  Most of our tours are not like an "African safari."  Depending on the location, you may need to be physically able to withstand arctic temperatures and be athletically fit to walk for miles carrying your own equipment.  Many locations require off- trail hiking into the backcountry, meaning no paved/ designated trails.  Because our tour locations are often off- trail and to the best places to photograph the target animal you will enjoy unprecedented sightings as well as little to know crowds.

Not only will you walk away with a memorable once- in- a- lifetime experience, you will have the photos to back up your memories.  Our tours are limited in number ranging from the most exclusive, private, to a limited group size ensuring you get one- on- one field instruction as well as an authentic viewing experience.

We treat out clients exceptional.  From the moment you book a tour to your flight home we will deliver you a differentiated service.  When you book a tour we will provide you with the educational information covering everything from clothing to photography equipment to make sure you have everything you need for success. Transportation is always included; this means that we will provide you with airport transportation as well as all in- tour transportation throughout your trip.  Even though lodging and airfare are not included we will hold you hand making the booking process as seamless as possible.  

All of our trips give you a once- in- a- lifetime feeling.  Not only do we deliver to our customers unforgettable photo opportunities, but because of our locations we also deliver you a feeling that you are experiencing an animal sighting like it is just you and an animal.  Nothing is more satisfying for us than seeing a smile on your face when we show you your target animal to when you capture the photo you have been dreaming about your whole life.  


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