Hello, my name is Thomas.

I am a wildlife photographer living in Tampa, Florida. My passion for wildlife started when I was little. For me, the most enjoyable part about wildlife photography is the experience with the animals. I am fortunate to travel the world, and spend time with all different kinds of animals. I enjoy the outdoors, so I enjoy the process of backcountry backpacking, hiking and exploring to accomplish one mission: photograph wildlife. I’m fortunate to have my photos nationally published; my work is displayed in a number mediums including prints, magazines, national advertisements, and many others. To learn more about wildlife photography or for my private wildlife guiding service visit: http://www.outbackphotoadventures.com

Please feel free to contact me anytime at: Thomas@outbackphotoadventures.com

Instagram at: Outback_Photo_Adventures

I hope my photos inspire you to experience the outdoors.