Canon 7D Mark II AF Guide

Canon 7D Mark II AF Guide


Improve the amount of in- focus images you capture per outing with this extensive AF guide for action photography!  The AF eBook for the 7D Mark II describes how to set up a custom case created for everyday wildlife use.

The case allows for you to record explosive action (bird perched suddenly taking flight), tracking birds- in- flight (even through thick vegetation) and for the regular bird portraits.  The guide covers most of the settings in the AF tab, and walks you through why I’m advising you to set them this way.  

The eBook is packed with text and covers:   AF case settings (tab 1), AF tabs 2, 3 & 4, AF point selection methods and a guide on what AF point selection will work best for you.  

Purchase the eBook today to improve your success by learning my true and tested methods!

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