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Animal: Black Skimmer & Chick
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America



Witness the affection this Black Skimmer chick shows for its parent in a once- in- a- lifetime photograph.  During the summer, Black Skimmers nest along the coasts of America and each year battle predation, weather and increased human encroachment on the beaches they nest on.      

After walking miles along Florida's white sandy beaches, I found a remote and quiet location where Black Skimmers started to scrape for nests.  As the season progressed, this Black Skimmer family in the photograph had two eggs that they fiercely protected vicious from predators like gulls. As time passed, the parents rotated the eggs ensuring they do not overheat. 

On a sunny day in Florida, one chick hatches from its egg creating a new challenge for the parents: continuously feed the chick.  As a day or two passed after the first chick was born the second chick made its entrance into the world.  The older chick used its early hatching and size advantage to bully the other little chick by always eating first, stealing meals and pecking the little one to death until he left the shade under the parent.  To get out of the Florida heat, the smaller chick often used the shadow I casted from lying down near the parent.  

On the morning of July 16, 2016, I headed out again to document the Black Skimmer family.  After arriving before the sun peaked above the horizon, I approached the nest by crawling on my belly to make sure I did not disturb the family.  After lying on my stomach and patiently waiting all morning, less than two hours after sunrise the parent in the photo flew directly to the smaller chick and gave it the first meal of the day making sure the younger chick did not get its meal stolen.  After the chick quickly gobbled down the fish it ran up the parent in the photo displaying the behavior in the image above.  This moment shows why Mother Nature is truly the greatest artist of us all.

Each photo captured has a deep and intricate backstory, articulated above, that is printed alongside your print to give you the full behind the scenes look for each fine art photograph you purchase.


Print Options


Acrylic Print: unmatched resolution, clarity, Dmax, vibrancy, and an unrivaled 3D perspective when observing the final product

What is an Acrylic print?  An Acrylic print is one of the highest quality prints money can buy.  It is the most popular medium purchased from us is our acrylic print identical to photos hanging in art museums due to the look and feel of the image appearing backlit.  Acrylic prints are a higher quality medium compared to the more common, and lesser quality, metal prints.  Acrylic come ready to hang with a built- in wall mount and require no frame.

Thomas only uses the highest quality print engineers in the industry to ensure standout prints by relying on proprietary methods superior to all other printers.  

Surface coat options: Both options offer UV protection, however the different surface coats will optimize your viewing experience depending on where you want to hang our print.  

Clear surface coat is best used in controlled environments with special lighting, or in an area with low glare from sources like windows.  Clear enhances your viewing experience in these environments by maximizing the 3D effect making the image appear backlit.  

UV surface coat is best used in areas with an uncontrollable lighting environment, such as placing the print near bright windows. 

Heavyweight Photo Paper: vivid colors, deep rich blacks, and brilliant bright whites give an authentic and impressive feeling when looking at the final product

What is the heavyweight photo paper? Heavyweight photo paper is like you traditional medium you know and are accustomed to, but ours is much more.  We only use high quality and color calibrated paper and printers to ensure an accurate and lifelike final product.  Tailored to each specific image, we determine which of our papers yields the most pleasing results.  The papers we normally use are: Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Super Type PD Luster, Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper, Kodak Endura Metallic Paper, and Ilford Pearl Paper. 


Although our print engineering time is shorter than the time Thomas spends in the field, there is still a short shipping delay.  Due to the detail and laborious process in creating your Acrylic print, your order may not ship out to you until fifteen days after you place your order.    

Heavyweight photo paper orders ship less than five days after your order is placed.

Other Information 

Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 15 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.