Private Guide: Moose Rut: Alaska

Private Guide: Moose Rut: Alaska

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2018/2019 dates extremely limited; contact for availability. 

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I will take you to one of the best locations in the world where you are guaranteed to photograph Moose.  This is a prime location for photographers and videographers because of how close you can get to the moose, the high concentration, and the scenery.  

The Moose in this location are unique because they do not care about humans during the rut compared to everywhere else in the world.  Nowhere else can you safely photograph Moose fighting during the rut with a 135mm lens!  Often times during mid- morning the Moose will sleep as close as 10ft from you not only giving you a great photographic experience, but a memory you will never forget.

This is the only area where you will pass up the opportunity to photograph a smaller Bull Moose and keep walking because you know the huge 60+ inch Bull is around the bend.  There is such a high concentration for Moose in this location that you can see 30 different Moose just in the morning session!

This is an experience you will never forget photographically, or personally.  The sound of two antlers colliding in front of you and the smell of a moose during the rut are things you will never forget.  Get a glimpse into how the Moose live without disturbing them at all.  

Lastly, this location is NOT in a national park.  Therefore, we can safely get as close as we want as well as having no time restrictions on how early/ late we stay.   

Physical Activity:

Age is not a limiting factor for this trip; there have been 70+ year olds tackling the terrain with ease.  The only requirements are you should be able to walk on uneven terrain/ up mountains/ through vegetation with all of your gear.  There is a lot of off- trail walking with the Moose.  If you are wanting a trip like Africa where they drive you around to each animal this trip is not for you. 


Your safety is my priority; no photo is worth endangering you/ any animal.  You must comply with my instructions at all times because if a Moose is stressed it could display this through flattening its ares against its head.  It is best to leave those moose alone (typically smaller bulls after they lost a fight). I carry two PLBs (personal locator beacons) on me at all times with satellite communication.  You will be required to carry the bear spray provided by me at all times in an easy to access area.  

Guiding Service:

You will receive individual hands- on attention, which will allow you to capture portfolio worthy images.   This is a fun Moose private guiding service, and is lead by a professional wildlife photographer.  The goal is to have a great time, and give you a once- in- a- lifetime experience.   

Trip Details:

INCLUDED: Airport transportation, transportation during guiding service and field instruction .

NOT INCLUDED:  Airfare, hotel, meals, passport or VISA fees, travel insurance and transportation in relation to your departure. 


There is lodging options for everyone!  If you would like hotel/ motel accommodations there are some places ~1hr away from the location.  If you would like to camp with me (provided you have all your own gear) that is possible as well.

Itinerary Example (Tours last from late August through October):

Day 1: Thursday- Arrive at the airport/ transported two hours to the location/ your hotel.  Possibly photographing Moose in the evening depending on your arrival time. 

Day 2/3/4: Friday- Morning field session.  Continue session until a lunch break (12AM)*, and continue photographing until just after sunset.  *If the day is extremely productive we will push lunch to a later time.

Day 5: Monday- Morning field session.  Continue session until a lunch (12AM)*, and continue photographing until just after sunset (6:00PM).  After the evening session you will be transported back to the airport.   *If the day is extremely productive we will push lunch to a later time. 

Payment Information:

To guarantee specified dates a deposit of half the value of pay in full is required.  The full balance is due twenty (20) days prior to the guiding service.  No interest payment plans are available.    

It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for your trip.

Cancellation policy (no partial refunds made for any reason-cancellation fees are non- transferable):

60+ days prior to guiding service: deposit forfeited

30-60 days prior to guiding service: 50% of the guiding service balance required 

20-30 days prior to the guiding service: 80% of the guiding service balance required

<20 days prior to the guiding service: 100% of the guiding service balance required